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Kits, Quick Ripper and Paintstik Supplies
For your convenience, I have put together kits for some of my favorite patterns.  I have also found that the quick ripper is a necessity for any quilter and the paintstiks are exactly what I use when I stencil.  I just wanted to save you time by offering these supplies.  That will give you much more time just to play with fabric!

Check out my video for a short demo of the quick ripper.

Quilt Block Stitchery kit with panel
Sku #: QBSKit
This kit includes a pre printed embroidery panel with all 12 designs, six different polka dot fabrics for sashing and binding and background fabric for outer border, and the pattern. Embroidery thread is sold separately.

Price: $55.00 

Set of 4 Brush Set
Sku #: Brush Set
Set of 4 Stencil Brushes

Price: $14.00 set

Simply Silver Embroidery Quilt Kit 36x22
Sku #: simply-silver-embroidery-quilt-kit

Price: $32.00 

Single Brush 5/8"
Sku #: Single Brush
Single Brush

Price: $6.00 each

Spanish Textile Quilt Kit 20x26
Sku #: spanish-textile-quilt-kit-20x26

Price: $40.00 

Spanish Textile Quilt Kit 60x76
Sku #: spanish-textile-quilt-kit-60x76

Price: $100.00 

The Quick Ripper
Sku #: quick-ripper

Price: $21.95 
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