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Kits, Quick Ripper and Paintstik Supplies
For your convenience, I have put together kits for some of my favorite patterns.  I have also found that the quick ripper is a necessity for any quilter and the paintstiks are exactly what I use when I stencil.  I just wanted to save you time by offering these supplies.  That will give you much more time just to play with fabric!

Check out my video for a short demo of the quick ripper.

Bonita Trails Block of the Month
Sku #: BT BOM
Bonita Trails Block of the Month

Price: $36.95 per month x 10 months

Casa Blanca Laser Cut Applique kit
Sku #: Casa Blanca Laser cut kit
Casa Blanca pre-fused, laser cut Applique kit

Price: $56.00 

El Oso Applique Quilt Kit
Sku #: el-oso-applique-quilt-kit

Price: $80.00 

El Rancho Applique Quilt Kit
Sku #: el-rancho-applique-quilt-kit

Price: $86.00 

Faith Hope Love Quilt Kit
Sku #: faith-hope-love-kit

Price: $38.00 

In Flight Quilt Kit 46x28
Sku #: flight-quilt-kit

Price: $64.00 

IR Gold Single
Sku #: IR Single
IR Gold Single Paintstik

Price: $8.00 each

IR Purple Single
Sku #: IR Single
IR Purple Single Paintstik

Price: $8.00 each

IR Red Single
Sku #: IR Single
IR Red Single Paintstik

Price: $8.00 each

Iridescent Autumn Mini Set
Sku #: IR Autumn Mini Set
Iridescent Autumn mini set of Paintstiks IR Red, IR Orange, IR Light Gold

Price: $16.00 set

Iridescent Light Gold Single
Sku #: IR Single
IR Light Gold Single Paintstik

Price: $8.00 each

Iridescent Metallic Mini Set
Sku #: IR Metallic mini set
Iridescent Metallic mini set of Paintstiks IR Gold, IR Silver, IR Copper

Price: $16.00 set (3)

Iridescent Mini Jewel Set
Sku #: IR mini jewel set
Iridescent Jewel Mini Set

Price: $16.00 set

Iridescent Mini Set of 16
Sku #: IR mini set of 16
Iridescent Mini Set of 16 Paintstiks

Price: $80.00 set

Iridescent Sorbet Mini Set
Sku #: IR Sorbet mini set
Iridescent Sorbet Mini Set

Price: $16.00 set
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